Private Yoga classes in Belgrade taught in English

Private yoga lessons, taught in English in Yoga Studio Namaskar, offer non Serbian speaking students opportunity to communicate with ease with our teacher.

Private classes allow students to focus on personal interests, such as personal goals for flexibility, strength or meditation and get personalized instructions.

One-on-one classes are excellent for:

  • Beginners facing the yoga practice for the first time

  • People recovering from an injury or with a specific health issue

  • People practicing other movement practice and want to use Yoga to deepen and improve their regular practice

  • People dealing with stress

  • People with a specific working schedule who want to benefit from the flexibility and attention in one-on-one settings

Yoga Studio Namaskar is officially registered as a sport association in Serbian Business Registry Agency and has been working for more than four years. Our teachers have completed a teacher training of 200 hours with Registered Yoga School.

In order to book a private Yoga class in studio Namaskar, call us or send a SMS using the following phone numbers:

  • Aleksandar Maletic – 064 270 32 02

  • Nina Radovanovic – 064 034 10 11

You can also contact us by filling and sending the contact form below.

Please be aware that we respond very quickly, so if you do not get an answer from us in 24 hours, please check your Spam folder because our answer is probably there.